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NPG Health Acquires Managed Markets Resources (MMR), Leading Strategic Consulting Healthcare Company

Morristown, NJ / Today, NPG Health, a leading provider of marketing solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers, announced the acquisition of Managed Markets Resources (MMR), a strategic consulting services company dedicated to innovation in the healthcare marketplace. The purchase brings together two of the most knowledgeable marketing groups in the pharmaceutical space. NPG Chief Operating Officer Bill Kelly commented, “I’ve known and worked with Gary (Branning, President, MMR) and his team for over 10 years. When he and I sat down two years ago to discuss this possibility I said, ‘Our teams could really complement each other nicely. Let’s make this happen.’”

Led by Gary Branning, MMR now provides NPG Health with an expanded strategic knowledge base to help better support their pharmaceutical clients. Branning observed, “The MMR team has been working with NPG Health for three years, and the realization of adding quality resources to enhance opportunities for all of our client friends was a no-brainer. A bonus was the cultural fit, including the client-first mentality.” Backed by 20 years of brand equity, the MMR name gives NPG Health access to a wider client set and helps to leverage their existing client relationships to better achieve their organizational goals. The move also greatly augments the organization’s network of industry advisors, an important step toward furthering their strategic support and growing their agency offerings.

Both of the NPG Health marketing agencies, NaviSync (Access and Reimbursement) and Pryme (HCP/Patient), will now provide MMR with a market-leading execution arm to supplement their strategic and tactical delivery capabilities. Partner and Executive Vice President of Client Services, NaviSync, Greg Condit emphatically commented, “The integration of our agencies has provided immediate benefit for our entire client base as well as our staff. We envision that what is to come will surpass any typical agency evolution.”